PRESENTATION!!! / by Stefaan Conrad

Greetings again, blog-sphere! Or blog-iverse? Maybe blog-world works better. 

Progress update on my Junior Thesis is as follows: NONE!

That's not completely fair, though. I have spent many a moment deep in thought pondering the direction of my creative efforts this quarter. However, if all I do is think, then I won't really have much to show for myself. I haven't started sketching, mood boarding, scrap collecting, or shoot planning but that will surely happen...soon...ish. 

I guess the best way to show what progress I've made in my pensive moments is to share what I am hung up on: presentation. I know presentation is typically THE LAST thing you focus on in a creative project but I've reached a state of limbo in which I don't know how I want to present so I don't know how to shoot. In my mind, the strongest project is going to be created from the ground up with the presentation as the focus. Sure, I can shoot a series and then worry about that later but the cohesive value and overall impact will feel so much stronger if presentation is the emphasis. 

Currently some presentation ideas I've been mulling about are as follows: a 'zine (baby magazine, smaller than a typical mag with fewer pages), a printed series (potentially two large images with several tight angle shots complementing each large print), or maybe an online gallery here on my portfolio. Honestly I'm very open to any I'm clearly a little stuck. That being said...

Please feel free to suggest anything you like!*

*No need to know content to suggest, whatever you imagine could be helpful to me.

Now, if you've made it this far through my post, I'll share what I did work on this week. I am working on some product work for a friend. This project is still in progress so I'll share some more as it comes to fruition shortly but here is a wee teaser of what I spent several days on this week. Enjoy!