And we back / by Stefaan Conrad

I haven't blogged in over 9 months. 


However, Ill be back with a weekly post from now until the end of the school year. Not entirely out of my own will, rather due to my need to meet class requirements. Needless to say I am thankful for the nudge I've been given from Junior Studio 1 to document my processes. I hope to take this aspect as far as I can and use this journal as a platform through which to share that process.

The Process

For the next two quarters I'll be working on two separate photography projects, one each quarter. The idea is to go through a baby version of what next years senior thesis will be like. Idea generation, inspiration collection, documentation, production, post-production, and presentation. 

I hope to use these quarters as stepping stones for my thesis idea by sticking with projects that are in a similar genre. Right now, I'm thinking that I'll spend this quarter producing a series of images through a product photography perspective on mountain biking; both studio and field shots from close ups to wide frames. 

Stay tuned for updates to ideas and initial stages of thesis development.


Here's a picture from my trip to Hawaii. Just for fun. This is a photography blog after all. 

Cliff dive scouting

Cliff dive scouting