10,000 Hours / by Stefaan Conrad

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something...I'm nowhere near that in anything I like to do but maybe someday I'll have spent a large number of hours behind my craft. This is another project that'll get me closer.

I've decided on a printed image presentation. I want to pursue a product photography angle on a mountain bike in two different environments. My concept goes as follows: two large prints (one each from studio and environmental scene outdoors) and with each large print, three small accent prints showing tight angle shots relating to each environment shown in the large print. Of course this is subject to change at any time but that is my current direction.

I made a few frames to document the progress of my project board so I could share on my blog what my workspace looks like. Here it is...my desk...aka my new living space. 


Along with collecting some inspiration on my board I've started to prep for my first studio shoot. I plan to use my own bike for this shoot just to familiarize myself with the way light plays on the geometry and assembly of a bike. I spent a chunk of time cleaning my bike, as it was literally caked with mud from my ride last week, and I documented the process so I'll have a record of the steps but also to share some visual activity here on my blog.