Adventures Inspired by Northern California


“We are what we repeatedly do.” Many have heard this quote and know how the rest of the saying goes. It advocates achieving excellence through choosing constructive habits. I find myself, however, wondering about the first part of the quote: Why do we choose to repeat certain things? 

Recalibrate is my answer to that question. Specifically, it seeks to discover the cause behind humans’ chronic desire to escape the daily grind by getting in touch with nature. I have asked outdoor enthusiasts what it is about being outside that urges them to repeat their actions. In an effort to express the freedom and holistic rejuvenation that athletes experience in the outdoors, I have taken on the challenge of photographing them doing what they love. 


There’s a reason why people repeat John Muir’s words “the mountains are calling.” You could make this phrase about the rivers, oceans, forests, deserts, roads, or trails and the immediate relatability would still pull on the hearts of many. Being outside is a fix. Connecting with creation is a drug. Whether you’re feeling a hit of raw adrenaline or lost in a moment of stillness, the human emotions are addressed in a way that exceeds the power of any pill a doctor could prescribe. 

This book is not about me. It’s not about an individual athlete. The scenes and stories within convey a deeper connection between people and their environment. It’s about individuals losing themselves in a world divine, and athletes pushing the boundaries to find peace and direction.


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I strive to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and realize that their wildest dreams are just as attainable as climbing a mountain or even publishing their own book. If you’re interested in learning more about the passion of these athletes as shown through this book, please support my art and buy a copy.

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