Post Process / by Stefaan Conrad

This week I didn't get a chance to go out and shoot...yet. However, I did spend a little time looking at some of the suggestions I got on this image from two weeks ago. Several responses lead me to look into removing even more details from the asphalt and . After working smoothing things out I really like the changes.

Here I have an interesting view of my photoshop file. I have several screenshots cycling through showing you what the layers look like built from the ground up; starting with the base image out-of-camera, removing the stand, fixing blemishes and marks on the bike and asphalt, a small curves adjustment, and finally a dodge/burn layer to manually take control of the highlights and shadows. 

Suggestion: take a few seconds to watch this gallery cycle through several times, noting the layer additions and how it changes the image.


After the photoshop work I go back into Lightroom where I work on global adjustments. In the gallery below I have the image I shared two weeks ago juxtaposed with the most recent iteration after several rounds of photoshop. I've grown to like this one more and more as I tweak and adjust it. Hope you enjoy seeing some of the process that goes into producing an image of this sort.