Environmental / by Stefaan Conrad

This week was almost too busy to get out and shoot but early this morning I remedied that with a quick trial run with Alex on some trails behind the dorms. I wanted to see what it was like taking a few shots with my own strobes versus using natural sunlight while out on the trails. It was freezing cold and my fingers wouldn't function but I'm happy with how this first shoot went. 


Here is the shot I worked up using a little bit of strobe power. There is a flash in the bushes on rider left with a small umbrella to soften the light and give it a little more natural feel. The sky in the background was blown out so I put in a hint of a sunrise which I haven't decided wether or not I like. We'll see how far I take this one.  


This one is using just the early morning sunlight to bring Alex out of the background. I had him pull up off the ground just as he rode out of the shade. Having him in the air gives it a more dynamic and active feel. 

I hope to get out and shoot again this week and, of course, I'll put up what I create here next week. Enjoy!