Gap Work / by Stefaan Conrad

I have some pretty talented friends. One of which has already been represented on my blog a few weeks ago; Alex. This week he was stoked to get out and ride for me yet again. We went to place in the forest which I personally call the Jump Graveyard. I've coined it this because years and years ago, the underbrush was dug through and some rather impressive jumps were built which, to use a millennial term, are quite sendy. Alex, being pretty much a professional bike racer didn't hesitate to hit some of these gaps for me. As I was shooting him on one gap, he would finish the jump just to keep hitting bigger gaps each time we took another run, eventually stringing together 3 plus gaps each being 15-20 feet in clearance. Needless to say I was impressed! Here's a quick GoPro edit of one of the gaps we were working with.

Anyway, enough story telling. Here are some of the images I got from the shoot. 

I did settle on one image which I wanted to work on for my final project. You may not like the choices I made but my intention behind adjusting the image as such his to create a final presentation that is as cohesive as possible. This means that my images from this shoot need to match as closely the lighting, color, and emphasis as the image from last weeks post. Here is what I've worked on thus far. 

Bike trails 3.jpg

I'm still in the process of color correcting the tighter shots to make sure that those fit in as cohesively as possible with the final presentation. Stay tuned next week to see how the presentation comes along this week. 

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you all.