Thesis is Finished! / by Stefaan Conrad

I’ve done a terrible job of keeping things up to date here on the blog. Well, I’m laying in bed and Squarespace has a mobile app now so I’m trying out what it’s like to create content on the go…aka under my covers.

On Wednesday of this week I visited the print house and approved my final proof. That means that Recalibrate is finished and in production! YAY! It hasn’t hit me yet that that part of my year has been completed. I don’t think I’ll realize it until the book is in my hands, all 92 pages of it.

I’m in the process of building my display table which is a ridiculous task to begin with. Where did I get the idea to make my own table?? Well, I’m in it for good now and I’ll finish it…hopefully it won’t be too ugly to not set up in the gallery.

Finally, the prints I’d like to hang are in a mini hold-up because the paper to print isn’t here yet. I have my frames, backboard, glass, and images chosen so as soon as paper arrives then I’ll be cranking those out.

There’s the short of what I’ve been up to.

Again, Recalibrate will be shown on May 18 at 7 pm if any of you are interested in coming out for the gallery opening! I’d love to see you there!

Mountain biking in the Palisades near Angwin

Mountain biking in the Palisades near Angwin