Four Days / by Stefaan Conrad


I thought that was worth announcing with big letters because it’s kind of a big deal. Even though that piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, I still haven’t realized that I’m pretty much done with Recalibrate as a project. Yes, the publication is done. No more shoots, no more articles, no more layouts, no more changes, no more edits…I literally have two boxes of finished books sitting at my feet as I type this. That being said, I have yet to open the boxes and look inside. I think I might be nervous to do so. That may be the moment when it all hits me for real.

In the mean time, I’ve been grinding away (literally) on my table build. I feel like I’ve sanded away almost half the wood I started with and probably inhaled a fair share of that. Sorry to those of you who are going to be on me about safety when it comes to dust protection…I was bad at that during this project. Today I bought hardware for attaching the legs to the threaded inserts that I installed in the bottom of the table and it was so much more secure that I’d imagined! It’d be nearly impossible to get the two legs to be perfectly parallel with each other, especially when I have to consider that any given surface that I might put the table on may have slight variations which would make the bottom face not align anymore anyway. That being said, I’m planning to use shims in the gallery where needed in case the table needs the extra little bit of balance. I just finished wiping on the first coat of a tung oil and wipe-on poly mix as the finish for the table top and my lovely girlfriend sacrificed her leggings while staining my table legs jet black with India ink…sorry, babe.

My paper is here for printing my big prints so that’s on the schedule for tomorrow. Installation is on Tuesday and opening night is Saturday evening…just 10 days away. I remember fall quarter thinking I had 10 months…it’s amazing how this year has played out.

Alright, enough rambling, I better go open my boxes.

I might cry.