Going Green (Part I) by Stefaan Conrad

Something about growing plants interests me. For being a relatively long term time commitment, there seems to be rather little attentive time spent actively caring for a plant. I was gifted a small succulent plant for my birthday in October. A few sprays of water every couple days seems to keep it alive. I bought a potato from the caf about a month ago and cut it up and dropped the eyes into some spare mason jars with potting soil I 'borrowed' from the planter boxes in front of my dorm. It took a few weeks but a pretty little plant emerged. 

I had never grown anything in my life before so you can imagine my pleasant surprise when another plant sprouted in the same jar a few days later. I planted the rest of the potato two weeks ago and there are 6 shoots coming out of that jar. Maybe I'm Irish or maybe potatoes are just easy to grow but theres something relieving about growing. Direct rewards for my efforts. I can see and feel the life that I've nurtured into being. These little pieces of life that I see every day bring a little smile to my heart. 

From a $0.25 potato to this flourishing farm. Go plant a potato. 

PS: I hear that plants can actually produce oxygen so not only do you breath better but you're saving the planet...just an added benefit.

PPS: For those of you in school with me, I've got plenty of extra caf dollars so if you need me to spot you a spud just let me know.