Demo Forest / by Stefaan Conrad

One of my online influencers, Matt D’Avella, said this in a video the other day, “The small things you do every day are way more important than the things you do every once in a while.” It’s the small, repetitive and habit forming choices you make each and every day that amount to more in the long run than something bigger you might do every week or every month. I liked this a lot. Things like working out for half an hour, devotionals, connecting with friends, and even posting on this blog every day can be small pieces that contribute to a more balanced me.

There’s a nugget of what inspired me this week already.

Here’s an update on the thesis.

I shot some mountain biking in the Soquel Demonstration Forest this past weekend and it was the muddiest ride I’ve ever been on…by far. Even with all the mist, rain, and dirt, I had an absolute blast in this gorgeous place!

The weather may not have been optimal, but that’s not what getting outside is about. This weekend reminded me what this whole book is trying to say. Being outside is not about waiting for the conditions to suit you the best. It’s about taking full advantage of every aspect of Mother Nature and appreciating it to the fullest…rainy days or blue skies, clear roads or muddy trails, freezing cold or blazing hot.


Here’s a shot from our wildly messy ride. Legs were caked with mud from our shoes to our thighs and we all had thick strips of mud running up our backs.

I hope you all had a good weekend!