Norway / by Stefaan Conrad

As a new quarter starts, so does a new photography project. I have several ideas, none of them I feel particularly drawn to over the others. Here are the short and sweet versions of each and, hopefully, all of you that read this will leave a comment about what you want to see here on my blog. 

  1. Lifestyle mini-magazine about bouldering along the NorCal coast. (Tentative name: Boulder Coast) This is also a possible senior thesis idea but expanded to a full magazine of course.
  2. Exploration of color and emotional expression through choice in clothing and colored smoke bombs. Key ingredient here; smoke bombs. (No idea on final presentation here)
  3. Portraits of the people that work and shop at Angwin Dorcas, the local consignment shop. This would piggy-back on another class project relating to volunteer hours.

Comment a 1, 2, or 3 if you'd like to see me take on one of these three concepts. If you have a particularly saucy idea that I have neglected to ponder then share that with me, I'd love the suggestions for future projects.

That's all for school things until next week when I have a project update.

Following is a brief note on my spring break experience.

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the week with my girlfriend in Norway. She's pretty cool. She's also Norwegian, hence the destination. We saw a new city, tried a mancake, climbed frozen mountains, took a 7 hour train ride, explored Oslo, hung out with family, went cross country skiing, and ate more waffles than I've had in my life. (Okay not that many waffles...but there were a lot of waffles) Here are just a few snaps from the trip. Enjoy!