ND Experiments / by Stefaan Conrad

Last weekend I went back out to the coast...all by myself. Several people asked me if that was boring and lonely but, honestly, I had a blast! I listened to an audio book and took my time making pictures. I wanted to have no pressure from anyone else so I didn't bring anyone. 

I spent the hours with my camera on a tripod taking long exposures. Yes, long exposures during day time...made possible by accessories called neutral density filters. Basically, these are like sun glasses for your camera. On my trip, I layered up three pieces of darkened glass in front of my lens to drastically cut down on the amount of light allowed into my camera. By so restricting the available light, I compensated by leaving my shutter open for times upwards of four and a half minutes. I have yet to develop many of the shots I took but here's a couple that I've done a few minutes of corrections on. Enjoy!