Mind Map / by Stefaan Conrad

For several weeks now, I would say that I’ve been in a sort of creative limbo; not ready to take the leap of moving on to the next step.

When it comes to shooting the kind of outdoor scenes and activities that I’m after, countless variables come into play. Of course, I’m relying on another person, weather can make or break my shots (not to mention smoke), time of day determines the vibe of the story, and other people or crowds can cause other problems.

The next step is layout and design and I am set to get that under way before the next break from school.

I’d love to use geography as the thread that runs throughout the book. I’m a very spacial thinker and feel drawn to relating things to each other in a physical way. Design elements like line maps, topographical imagery, and latitude and longitude coordinates are ways that I can bring the individual stories together. I'm working on exploring how to create those design elements.

I’m gone all Christmas which is somewhat inopportune when it comes to having several weeks to get some good work done on my project. Stay tuned for some New Zealand and Australia pictures while I’m traveling!

In the mean time, enjoy that last fall colors of our beautiful valley before the rains.