Favorite Picture in the Book? / by Stefaan Conrad

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After crushing my two presentations and a 50 minute debate earlier this week, I finally had some time to get back into photo editing and laying out spreads. I have gotten to the point where I have all the shoots I’ve done laid out! I’d love to still do at least one more shoot, if not two. Six of the eight shoots have articles edited and laid out alongside them. That puts me at roughly 80 pages.

Whoa…80 pages! How did I end up here after starting the quarter with 0 pages?! I’ve come so far and it feels absolutely incredible! Thank you all again for continuing to give me feedback and following along with my process here on the blog.

I really enjoy blogging because it forces me to do several things. First, I find myself focusing on short, small victories so I have something to write about. Finding wins in little things is such a boost and fosters motivation so much more readily than getting caught up in big picture all the time. Second, blogging forces me to write things out, put my mind on paper (digital paper that is), and learn how to express myself through this medium. Writing my thoughts out has brought me to several epiphanies which I never would’ve arrived at without pushing myself to write. Thirdly, as a content creator (probably the most millenialized term out there), I love sharing my work and the process behind it. I, and you, will be able to look back at this collection and follow from start to finish the process I’ve recorded…and that’s pretty cool, I think.

Alright, let’s get to the reason you clicked on this post and the reason you even come to my blog; to see pictures. As I was editing this week, I came upon a photo from September last year which I already loved back then. I put a few edits on it and fell back in love with the shot. In the moment, there didn’t seem to be much action or point of interest but, once I framed up and composed the shot, the lines, textures, light, and perspective added up to something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Hope you like it.