Contents Update / by Stefaan Conrad

I did exactly what I didn’t want to do…stop blogging. I went on spring break and made the decision of not bringing my hard drive with me. Yes, it was intentional. I didn’t want to have the feeling of needing to work on my thesis while on break. But…in doing so, I left the blogging process behind as well.

I’m back at school and have a hefty to-do list for the next couple of weeks. Here’s a little idea of what I’m working on in the coming days:

  • Collect all my articles (3 more),

  • Shoot my last two outdoor adventures (not going to spoil those yet),

  • Send samples to the printer to get some different paper versions,

  • Match my articles with the best photoshoot,

  • Pace the book with an intentional order,

  • Finalize little nitty-gritty bits,

  • Send the final piece off to the print shop…

…ALL BEFORE MAY 1! That’s my deadline to have the file with the printer in order to have the product back in my hands in time to turn it in. After that’s off at the printer, I have to print my display pieces, build my display table, and assemble the final touches to the gallery setup. There’s a lot to do but it’s certainly manageable.

Today, I wanted to give an update on the contents page. The last time I posted about it, I had a completely fabricated version and a version with a photographic background. Since then I’ve taken aspects of each and combined them to come up with this version. I feel much more confident about this one but it is still subject to changes.

Click the image to view it without a white background…it helps see the boundaries of the spread.

Some feedback lead me to try make the coastline as recognizable as possible. Hopefully, readers will recognize that the complex line is the NorCal coast, but, if not, the small locator icon on the right will help explain the imagery.

If you have a very hard time interpreting what is going on, PLEASE TELL ME! I don’t want this to be confusing but my eyes aren’t fresh to this anymore so I really can’t be the judge of clarity in this situation.

In other news…you’ve helped me reach $950 towards executing the final steps! Thank you all so much for the ongoing support! I couldn’t ask for better family and friends.

Fund tracking 950.png

Fear not, I’ll continue blogging as the weeks go by so STAY TUNED!