One Month on the Run / by Stefaan Conrad

One month of travel is both incredible and exhausting at the same time. In 4 weeks I passed through 9 countries, twice as many christmas markets, and probably that many light shows. I had my first chimney cake and goulash in Budapest, found the most delicious tomato soup in Bratislava, felt the legacy of the Beatles in Prague, witnessed my childhood hero and favorite futbol team play in Munich, met up with Nephta in Geneva, experienced the pure majesty of the Alps in Les Menuires, fell in love with my new favorite city in Utrecht, got blown up by wild fireworks in Amsterdam, ran into the North Sea with hundreds of other orange clad dutchmen in Zandvoort, and ate as many Belgian waffles and chocolate as possible in Brussels. 

This Christmas season has been and unforgettable adventure with some outstanding friends and family.