Athleticism balanced with a natural landscape

Sport photography is more than a means of showing the talents and abilities of an individual athlete. It’s a display of respect and admiration. The sports that are the passions of so many wouldn’t be possible without a deep and sincere examination into the importance of nature. Without this respect, the balance between athlete and nature is thrown askew. My work seeks to display an influence of human kind into a scene where nature is the hero.


Mixing Light

An early project aimed at combining studio lighting techniques with on location action. Balancing the light from strobes and the ambient light in the woods gives the subject a high-contrast emphasis that helps him stand out from the background.


Boulder Narrative

Continuing the exploration of studio light techniques in natural settings, this shoot is less about a single frame and more about expressing a narrative. Together, these images tell the story of a climber preparing for his attempt to send a route.


Senior Thesis Work

With my growing interest in outdoor sport photography, I elected to pursue an end product for my undergraduate degree that would reflect this passion. I photographed, designed, and published a perfect bound book which showcases the interactions between athletes and nature. Below is a link to more information about the book as well as some images from the project.

Goat Rock